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Wino Gándara is a talented guitarist and composer who started his career performing live since 2008. With influences like Tony Iommy, Kirk Hammet, Brett Garsed and Joe Satriani, plus his energy, creativity and ability to connect with audiences, he has established himself as a favorite in his genre. ​


Wino has participated in different events alongside great musicians and guitarists such as Pablo Soler, José Rubio (WarCry), Gabriel Marián & Mario Ian (Rata Blanca), Alessandro Bertoni, Manuel Trabucco, Giuseppe Zanca, Ateris Energy, Lukky Sparxx, Walter Monsanto, Hedras Ramos, etc. ​ His talent and ability have led him to perform on different stages inside and outside the country, among which it's worth highlighting "Rock against Violence" at the Miguel Ángel Asturias National Theater, participation in the first editions of "Monster Metal” throughout the country, a concert with Ángeles del Infierno and Barón Rojo, presentations in El Salvador and Honduras and events with other guitarists.

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His most recent work is his first solo album, "Lone Journey", a story full of emotions and intensity that only music can convey. Produced with several artists and musicians, this album promises a new and energetic sound. The songs range from progressive and classic rock, to a bit of fusion and smooth jazz. 

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